Friday, 20 October 2017

Loopdeloop - Production Development

For this loopdeloop challenge the theme followed 'Love is Love'. I wanted to challenge myself to something I had never tried before for this brief and decided on something claymation that flowed and morphed into different objects/things.

I began with initial drawings and concepts around the idea 'Love'. I had quite a few ideas, however I didn't want to spend too long deciding due to the time frame of work that I have this year, so once I found a solid idea I liked, I dove straight in.

I then drew up some ideas with watercolour.

And finally I came up with a storyboard, although I had never tried this kind of animation before I wasn't fussed if I cut out any of the ideas, if they happened to be much. I had the idea of two flowers, merging to form two fish, two hands, two birds and then loop.

I decided to also make a very rough animatic to follow, so that the animation flow would come out smoother. Even though this was a very small brief, I still felt that creating an animatic helped me plan out the movement of shots and without it, I wouldn't have been as organised or as successful.

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