Friday, 20 October 2017

Projection Mapping on the Lifting Tower - Initial Ideas

For the lifting tower brief, I teamed up with Vlad to make an animation. It was advised we get into groups, and seen as though no illustrators seemed interested in the brief, I teamed up with another animator! We thought it would be best to start coming up with ideas individually before coming together and synthesising these, to pitch to our external client on the 24th October.

Firstly, I drew out the lifting tower and began writing down words that came to me when I thought about the theme 'Christmas'. This helped me come up with a variety of ideas, however I wanted them to be very simple, as the audience targeted will be transient. Very basic and bold colours will work best a well as geometric shapes, so I will keep this in mind when taking any ideas further.

Here are another two ideas I had, my favourite being the one with penguins as it involves comedy and I want this animation to be quite light-hearted and make people feel happy when they watch it.

Finally, here are another two ideas that I quickly jotted down, so now the next steps will be to meet up with Vlad and lay out both our ideas and hopefully come up with an idea based off either or any of our ideas! I'm thinking that the medium for this project will work best digital, possibly with After Effects, considering it will be projected instead of on a screen, I will discuss this further at our next meeting.

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