Friday, 20 October 2017

Loopdeloop - Reflection and Evaluation

Love is Love from Stacy Straub on Vimeo.

Here is my final animation submission for loopdeloop.

I'm very happy with how this animation turned out and it was my first ever claymation loop! I found it challenging to think of ways for the clay to flow into different colours/shapes smoothly. If I were to do this kind of animation again, I would put more time into the planning of the actual transitions, so that when I came to animate I didn't waste time trying to figure it out. I did cut out a couple of scenes, such as the DNA and the birds, as I felt that it was too many different ideas and the ones I chose to keep were enough to get the message across. As stop-motion is straight ahead, it allowed me to experiment as I went along and I was able to develop my creative skills with thinking on the spot. I improvised little details like the white spots and the spiral at the end, and played around with easing in and out. The main skill this brief helped me to develop was my timing, as I wanted the motion to be almost dance-like and surreal, so I combined quick and slow timings to achieve this. For future projects, this has allowed me to think more deeply about my timing in animation, and I want to develop this much further by continuing to create more animations like this.

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