Thursday, 6 April 2017

Responsive - AnimateClay *MAGIC!*

After my previous responsive briefs were both done in digital, DUIK and Photoshop animation I now want to do one in stop-motion! I feel like I have practiced and played around with digital enough now to know that I don't really want to pursue a career in it if possible and I would like to focus my time into stop-motion. The brief that I am looking into this time is a 5-week challenge from AnimateClay a website that showcases independent animators and gives support and knowledge to those who want it.

The theme this time around is Magic.

Above are the rules for the contest and it basically states that only real world objects can be used unless its for certain effects and that it can be any length. So, I am going to create a stop-motion animation for this challenge and I have around 5-weeks to complete it and my next steps are to start getting some ideas down!

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