Friday, 2 December 2016

Comparing Papercut to Other Mediums

With my idea, I wanted a paper/handmade feel to my animation, however I could have used other mediums to create the same effect. South Park, as an example to look at, uses Maya to create their animations but in comparison to using actual paper you can still see that it looks digital. The advantages of using Maya are that you only have to do key poses and the inbetweens are done for you, which creates smooth movement and flexible control over the model.

On the other hand, I chose not to use Maya as I felt it would loose the effect I wanted to create. The technical limitations that I faced by using a stop motion method was that the camera was stuck in one place and I found it hard to create different shot types. If I had used Maya this would have been easier to tackle and in South Park they are able to use lots of different shots as they can reuse the same models again and again. As I only had one main model that I had extra different parts for this was harder for me to do.

Looking at another animation from Aardman Studios they created this music video 'The Staves - Winter Trees' that follows the papercut style. This shows how it can be beautifully created using Maya, which I didn't know could work so well. I feel that if I were to redo this project it would be nice to use Maya as they were able to get the effects while still creating depth in their backgrounds. Below is an example of how depth can be lost with cut out as the mug is flat on the table, although it does add to the charm of the animation. This may be a limitation of cut out animation, though you can use these actually to your advantage by creating an effect that other mediums would struggle to produce.

 After looking at an interview with the makers they explained 'The challenge of doing such a piece in four-five weeks meant we decided to make it all in CG, which gave us huge flexibility to use a wide range of techniques: from 2D drawn animation and artwork to sophisticated in-house coding in Maya to get all the assets together'. This suggests that possibly CG and Maya would have been a quick option if you know exactly how to use it efficiently, however as someone who hasn't had much experience with it, it may not have been the quickest medium to use. I now understand that 3D does have a lot of potential and can pretty much create every effect, but it still cannot capture the jittery handmade feel of papercut stop motion animation.


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