Sunday, 4 December 2016

Production Diary 9 - Adrift - (28/11/16 - 4/11/16)

Above is my feedback sheet from a group crit I did earlier in the week. From this I found that people liked my choice of music and felt that the sound worked well, however I could add possibly a warning voice to add to the effect. It was suggested that I reanimate one of the final scenes as it had a little bit of a strange cut and didn't flow as well as it could.

So, taking these points on board I instead changed the layout of my edit instead of reanimating the whole scene as I felt that if I were to do a fade to black it would work a lot better than a straight cut. This way it could suggest the passing of time instead of him continuing to float in a different direction.

I also found a way to create the illusion of stars in space with After Effects, the effect being called CC Starburst, which really helped my animation come together! Below is a preview of what it puts over the animation and you can change the speed, direction, spacing and colour so that it fits.


I also picked my font and title sequence this week which was fun using the CC Starburst again.

I chose a very simple but strong font for my titles as I wanted it to be easily readable, but still in keeping with my theme.

Above is a traditional space font, however I preferred using a font that is more sharp than rounded. Below are the different fonts I looked at.

Even though these were space fonts, they just seemed to look unprofessional to me. I did try and export a title sequence with a space font but because my animation has quite a sombre feel to it, it didn't seem to fit very well.

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