Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Production Diary - IDENTS - 4/05/2016

I have actually finished both my ident animations today and I am quite happy with both of them. Today I worked on my National Geographic animation just to clean it up and include the font that I wanted to appear, I tried many ways of making the text all turn around at once but it was a little too complicated so I decided it would be a better option to just go with my original idea of having the text all slide out of the national geographic logo. 

Below you can see how I did make it a little nicer by adding a mask on each text layer so that the text would only appear outside the mask layer. This way it looked a little better than just sliding out with opacity going form 0 to 100%.


I actually much prefer my E4 ident when looking at both of them together, just because I prefer the look of the animation and I don't really like the fish I animated in the National Geographic ident. I am very pleased that I have completed both of my animations before the deadline as this way it allows me to have a little play on my Maya walk cycle and have time to write my evaluation!

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