Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Making my Own Object on Maya!

I had to make my own object in Maya and after playing with Moom quite a lot, I actually found this task quite easy and I'm starting to feel a little more confident in comparison to how I felt about Maya at the beginning. I decided to keep my object simple just because I have a lot to do in my ident projects so I just wanted to keep it simple, so I chose to make a pen. I feel like I could create now more complex objects after making this pen.

Here is the pen in real life.

Here is my Maya model! I also put in some texture to my object and I feel like this really brought it to life, and I only knew how to do this because of the tutorials on estudio! I did find however, that because my object was black it was quite hard to light on a black background.

If I were to make this pen model better I would have figured out how to add the little ridges on the lid and this would have made my model a little more detailed. I wasn't sure how to do this so maybe this is something I can look into.

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