Monday, 19 March 2018

YCN Brief - Action on Hearing Loss - DIARY 6

Below is the final animation created for YCN. I found this brief to be a good learning experience, working with plasticine puppets and armatures; in total we made 5. I found they were easily to manipulate, however they were sometimes a pain as Vlad and I had to keep remoulding and shaping them back to their original shape. I definitely find that it's easier to use a solid puppet, but it's good to be able to use all kinds of materials as an animator. I also made the poster, which is the cover used on the YouTube video, so that we could visualise the kind of campaign and look that it would give. I also thought up the hashtag #highfiveforaction as an extra little idea for the campaign.  If I were to do this project again, I would like more of a say on the final edit, as I would have colour corrected the final film to be the exact correct colours of the brand. This way it would be more in keeping with the house style. Overall, I felt that this was a successful animation and working with Vlad was a really good choice as it gave me a lot of inspiration and motivation, I find working in teams really is the best way to go with side briefs such as this one!

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