Monday, 19 March 2018

YCN Brief - Action on Hearing Loss - DIARY 3

Original Ideas - playing around with Plasticine

Here was my original idea for how the characters could look, we wanted to keep them really simple so that they could be easily replicated and easy to re-mould when animating.

Mine and Vlad's ideas for puppets.

Then we began putting together armatures, after deciding our puppets were to be 15cm tall and we wanted 5 of them. We decided on making 3 white puppets, 1 magenta and 1 blue (the colours of the logo for Action on Hearing Loss).


My armature designs and one of the armatures.

 To divide the work I built the 5 armatures and Vlad moulded the clay around them so that we could keep them as similar as possible!


All done! I decided the main character to be called Burt Jiffy.

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