Monday, 12 March 2018

YCN Brief - Action on Hearing Loss - DIARY 1

For my live brief I have chosen to tackle the Action on Hearing Loss brief!
I chose this brief as I wanted to make an animation that had a purpose and in turn was able to help people, so this brief is bringing awareness to those who are living with hearing loss everyday.

My original idea for this project was to create an animation about someone who gradually loses their hearing and then to explore their journey and make quite an empathetic and heartfelt animation.

I pitches this idea to Vlad who really wanted to join forces with me and create a stop-motion animation that explored this idea. So, we got together and began coming up with some ideas.

We decided to simplify my original ideas for the sake of time management and sometimes the simpler the story the easier the message can be put across, and below I created some moodboards to start getting an idea of the aesthetic we were going for.


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