Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Working with Nicolas Haquin - Music Student

Throughout this project, I have luckily been able to work very closely with a Leeds College of Music student, who I met at the mixer session at University. We have met up in person and been communicating through Facebook ever since and together we have worked really well and been able to get a great result.

Here was the original compositional ideas that Nicolas had. I really loved his ideas and told him to definitely carry on in that direction! I really liked the idea of having individual music pieces depending on the mood of the scene.

 He then kept me really in the loop each time he made progress. Here's another video he sent of the piano he used for the final recording.

I also got Nicolas to do the sound design for my animation, so each time I made progress on the animation I would render it out and share it with him using Google Drive, that way he could work on each scene as I was animating the next one, which worked really well.

Overall, it has been a really great experience working with Nic and I was lucky enough to get someone who was really into the project!

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