Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Loopdeloop - Lucky Collab & Production

For this final mini brief, I really wanted to collaborate once again with others so that I can get most out of being surrounded by other creatives. I collaborated with an illustration student (puppet maker) and a music student, and my role was the animating and editing. We wanted to keep this idea extremely simple so that it wouldn't take up too much time but would still be a nice side brief and look good in each other portfolios of work! So, I got together with Jay Stelling (the illustration student) and we brainstormed some ideas. We decided together that we liked the idea of a hippie-like girl finding a four leaved clover and then it is blown away in the wind.

So, Jay set out and started building the puppet and I decided that as it was such a simple loop all it needed were a few sketches and didn't need an actual storyboard. I was going to use a plain coloured card for the background, depending on what colours Jay decides to use for the puppet's hair and clothing.

Below are the simple sketches I did.

Below are images of Jay making the puppet.

And here's the finished puppet ready to animate! I am going to use green plasticine for the clover, so that I can easily manipulate it and shape it however I want.

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