Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Building Puppets - The Box

Wire Armatures

I drew up the correct sizing on paper first, then measured out all of my wire and built my armatures! I decided to use thicker wire for their spines so that they would be extra sturdy.

Milliput Time

I covered their limbs in millput to ensure they bent in the right places and the give the wire some extra support.

All their limbs together, I attached nuts and bolts to create their feet so that they could be magnetised to the set. Also, as my narrative involves the characters losing limbs I had to ensure all of the limbs used K&S brass tubing so they could be replaceable and detachable for the animation.

Sponge them up!

 Here I'm bulking out my puppets with sponge and shaping them to my designs.


I forgot to document a lot of the felting stage, but it mainly just involved me spraying the sponge with adhesive spray and wrapping the felt around it. Then tidying it all up by sewing the seams.

A little ear, I then glued them onto the sides of the puppet's heads.

Both puppets fully felted, then I added the details.

I actually used beads off an old necklace of mine for the eyes as they happened to be the perfect size! And I wanted them to be shiny/polished.

Finn and April <3

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