Sunday, 18 February 2018

Set Designs

Before I decided on a final set to start planning and building I wanted to draw out a few different ideas and then choose my favourite to develop further.
This was the first design I came up with, I went for an old timey feel to it, with stone and wood aesthetic, however I decided that this kind of environment was interesting but didn't quite fit the narrative or the characters I am developing.

 This set design was a little more modern and simple, I was inspired by oriental-style decor. This again was nice, but I wasn't sure if it fit. I did however like the wooden floor and I am considering taking this idea further.

 This was the final design and my favourite out of my experiments, this will be the environment I develop. My next steps are the look at the different colour schemes and how I can use props to tell a little bit more about my narrative.

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