Friday, 24 November 2017

Lifting Tower - Final Animation

Below is two gifs of the final animation! After showing Jimmy on the 17th November, he was very pleased with mine and Vlad's final outcome, commenting that he liked how smooth the animation was and that it was going to to work really well being projected. This was great news as it meant we were able to finish this project with plenty of time spare and finished with an animation that fit the brief. Overall, this project went really well as we were able to work as a pair with zero problems, we took Jimmy's ideas on board, like when he told us to make use of the window within the animation, and we finished the project with time to spare. I feel that using After Effects was the best method for projection mapping and this has been a good experience for me as an animator that doesn't get too involved with digital animating. I have learnt a little more about After Effects as well as getting to experience what it's like to work with a client and communicating back and forth the ideas and little tweaks. I am excited to see our animation projected onto a building in Leeds!

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